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The Blue Button Plus Initiative is complete. No regular meetings are scheduled at this time.

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  • Thank you for attending the Blue Button Plus Closing Ceremony. If you were unable to attend the recording is available here, and the slides from the ceremony can be viewed here.
  • Developers: Check out ONC's new Blue Button Toolkit page for how to support consumers in getting and using their health records.

Important Links

Blue Button Connector (for Consumers)
Blue Button Toolkit (for Developers)
NATE Registry (Trust Bundle)

Blue Button Plus Overview

Blue Button Plus gives consumers the ability to obtain their health care records in both human-readable and machine-readable format, and to send them where they choose. This enables a consumer to do everything from printing a physical copy to sharing it with a third party application.

Through the S&I Framework, the Blue Button Plus initiative advanced the implementation standards, tools, and services associated with the Blue Button to provide consumers with automated updates to their health information in a human readable and machine readable format. For the Push Scenario, we have successfully demonstrated the automation of the private and secure transmission of personal health data to a specific location of the consumer’s choosing. For the Pull Scenario, we are in the process of allowing a third party application of the consumer’s choosing to privately and securely access personal health data on demand.

Archived Resources (please use Blue Button Toolkit link above)
Blue Button Plus DIRECT (Push) Implementation Guidance: http://bluebuttonplus.org
Blue Button Plus RESTful (Pull) API Guidance: http://blue-button.github.io/blue-button-plus-pull/

Technical Summary

  • Blue Button Plus (BB+) is an Standards and Interoperability (S&I) Framework Initiative for health information exchanges between providers and consumers or consumer-named third parties
    • BB+ “Push” uses the Direct Protocol
    • BB+ “Pull” specifies a RESTful exchange that uses OAuth2 to authorize an application to query and pull data from an EHR, and FHIR for query and retrieval of selected EHR resources
    • BB+ “Pull” includes a Registry Service that distinguishes two categories:
      • “Trusted registration” – app is registered with the Service based on its ability to protect the OAuth2 token and the client secret returned by the data provider
      • “Open registration” – app is not registered with the Registry Service
      (Tech Summary from NwHIN Power Team: Final Recommendations for RESTful Exchange Stnadards, August 22, 2013 - presentation materials)

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