S&I Framework Repository

The S&I Framework Repository serves members of the Health Information Community as an easy-to-use, secure repository, creating contextual relationships between artifacts through the artifact manager, category manager and the information browser.


Roles of the Administrator and User

In order to add or edit an artifact in the S&I Framework Repository the producer must have an account. To set-up an account the producer needs to contact the T&R team. The following describes the roles of the S&I Framework Repository.

Producer - This role has full control over all artifact creation and management functions of the system. A Producer can also modify all artifacts uploaded into the system, but may only delete artifacts they have uploaded.

Repository Administrator - This role is responsible for administrative functions of the system, primarily user account creation. Also, the Repository Administrator is responsible for deletion of artifact(s) and meta-data associated with the artifact. Producers can delete their own artifacts.

Consumer - This role is an external user that uses meaningful use criteria to access IEPD specifications. Members of the public that include patients as well as caregivers, patient advocates, surrogates, family members, and other parties who may be acting for, or in support of, a patient receiving or potentially receiving healthcare services.

Category Administrator - This role is responsible for creating, modifying, and viewing Attribute Categories that can be applied to artifact meta-data.

Below is a synopsis of the different roles of the administrator, users and category administrators:
Actions Roles

User Accounts
Create Artifact and edit elements and meta-data
Delete Artifact
Create / Edit Org Structure
Create / Edit Workflow
Search for Artifact
Manage Categories
Publish Artifacts
Retrieve/ Download Artifact
Repository Admin

x its own
x within its space


Category Admin



Why use the S&I Framework Repository

Individuals are collaborating today more than ever with small and large health and health IT companies, as well as entrepreneurs in order to achieve harmonized interoperability for health information exchange and the improvement of care delivery. As the community of engaged participants continues to grow, the need for an easily accessible and secure repository arose to share information across various environments and teams. The S&I Framework Repository serves as that resource.

There are three interfaces within the S&I Framework:

Producer Interface – The producer has full control over all artifact creation and management functions of the system. The producer facilitates the artifact lifecycle (e.g. publishing, versioning, etc.). Interface with Alfresco* Share.

Browser/Consumer Interface – The consumer interface is open to the public. It is a searchable resource used to search for and download artifacts. Interface with S&I Browser

Category Manager Interface - The category manager interface creates and manages taxonomies of categories. Interface with Alfresco* Share

*Alfresco share is the open source project that hosts the S&I Repository.

The S&I Framework Repository allows administrators and users to share and communicate with other stakeholders in the Health Information Exchange community by uploading a document, artifact or file so that it is searchable in the Consumer Interface. In order for the public to search for the artifact it must be added and published within the S&I Framework Repository. This is a manual process and allows the user to upload an artifact to Alfresco. After the artifact is uploaded and approved, the Producer can publish it and make it available across the network of health and health IT professionals.

The S&I Framework Wiki is the collaboration home for the S&I Initiatives. The wikispace is the workspace for information, resources, and artifacts as they go through development. Every change to an artifact is carefully recorded and ‘versioned’ to ensure traceability. Upon approval, the artifact will be published and accessible by the public within the repository.

When to use the S&I Framework Repository

A producer will utilize the repository to upload consensus approved artifacts, submit a change request, or search for other consensus-approved artifacts from the S&I initiatives. The newly developed tools and services available within the S&I Framework Repository allow members of the health information technology community to engage and collaborate with one another.

The following includes the user functions in more depth:
  1. Adding an Artifact
    • Upload a document or file in the artifact manager in order to publish and make available in the Consumer Interface.
  2. Publishing an Artifact
    • After uploading a document the file must be “published” in the artifact manager to be searchable in the Consumer Interface.
  3. Editing the Metadata
    • It is essential to edit the metadata after a file is uploaded including: categories, a title, author and published date.
  4. Editing/Modifying an Artifact
    • To edit or modify an existing artifact with updates or new metadata
  5. Searching for an Artifact
    • To locate an artifact created by consumer in both consumer and artifact interface.
  6. Generating a feedback report
    • For artifact manager (producer) to view feedback reports.

These functions allow the administrator, artifact manager, and producer to collaborate and share information of complex products over an easily accessible, secure repository.

How to use the S&I Framework Repository

The S&I Framework Repository serves all members of the health and health IT community. The artifacts of the S&I Framework initiatives that are stored within the S&I Repository are made available to the broader community to meet the goal of increasing interoperability. To use the repository the producer must first set up an account with the Tools & Repository administrators (see the “Roles of the Administrator and User” below). The producer should use the S&I Framework Repository as a resource and tool to engage others in the health information technology community.

Once an account is set up and the user should follow these steps:
  1. Login to Alfresco Share - http://repository.siframework.org
  2. Submit document/artifact for consensus approval in order to publish by uploading into repository
  3. Once approved the document can be published by the producer
  4. Determine the next task and follow the User Guide for more instruction.
  5. Use the S&I Framework Repository User Guide for more detailed instructions

Uploading an Artifact

The user documentation will provide the IC with detailed information on how to upload/edit/modify artifacts. Below is a brief summary.

To upload a new artifact after the IC logs in to the S&I Framework Repository select one of the following:
  1. “Create ValueSet Defs”
  2. “Create Link File”
  3. “Upload”


When selecting each option a dialogue box will appear asking for more information.

1. Upload a file:

2. Create Link File:

3. Create ValueSet Defs:

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