The S&I Simplification Cross-Initiative Work Group announces that its Core Matrix v3 has achieved consensus. See Works Approved Through Consensus below. Thanks for all who participated.

Recurring Meeting: Every Thursday: 10:00am-11:00am EDT | Webinar:
Dial-In: 1-650-479-3208 | Passcode: 664 060 707
NOTE: This meeting is now on the S&I Framework "Cross-Initiative" Google Calendar. This calendar is colored orange on the wiki's calendar page.

Purpose and Goals

A cross-cutting sub-workgroup open to all Use Case members, e.g., ToC and Lab Results Interface, to simplify the use case and requirements outline, template, and artifacts and make recommendations to all WGs and S&I Framework teams.


Works Approved Through Consensus

Please reference the files below for artifacts that have been approved through the Consensus process:
Link to File
S&I Simplification Charter
Consensus approved Charter for the renamed S&I Simplification group.
Overview of the Core Matrix Version 2 (October 1)
Consensus approved Core Matrix Version 2 (October 1)
Common Requirements Spreadsheet for the Core Matrix Version 2 (October 1)
Core Matrix Version 2 Comments Reconciliation (October 1)
ONC-SI-Simplification-Core-Matrix-v3 Consensus-20140423.xlsx
Consensus approved Core Matrix Version 3 (6/19/2014)
Core Matrix Version 3 Consensus and Reconciliation (6/19/2014)

Link to Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

US Health Information Knowledgebase (USHIK)

Link to USHIK S&I Pilot Site

Link to Federal Health Information Model (FHIM)

Link to HL7 EHR Interoperability Wiki

Simplification Progression (DRAFT)

Steps A/B reflect current Simplification analysis and USHIK Component registration process. Steps C and on are anticipated with Use Case Authoring Tool, leading to S&I Harmonization, standards selection, implementation guide selection and/or authoring, test case authoring, as depicted. Four tracks are shown on separate rows in this progression: 1) Use Case to Harmonization to Implementation to Testing; 2) Binding to Standards; 3) Use Case Authoring Tool Requirements, step by step; 4) Two-way Mapping Examples - SDC Actions to EHR System Functions (L to R) and MU EHRS Test Scripts to EHR System Functions (R to L) - based on ISO/HL7 10781 EHR System Functional Model Release 2.

For full size image, follow the Reference Documents Tab (above) to download Progression spreadsheet.