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Making Connections

This page contains a listing of organizations interested in partnering in development of a Data Segmentation for Privacy Pilot. Potential piloting organizations are encouraged to utilize this tool to identify partners and reach out to them to begin formulating a pilot brief. See the Pilot Process page for further info.

Note, there is no expectation from the S&I Framework as to the legal and business requirements and negotiations which may need to take place between organizations to form a pilot ecosystem.


If you are interested in partnering with another organization to participate in the Data Segmentation For Privacy Initiative please take a moment to complete the Connection Form at the bottom of this page. If you see an organization on the list which compliments or completes your skill set please feel free to email the contact person listed.

Initiative Contacts

Contact Information
Johnathan Coleman
Initiative Coordinator
Julie Chua
ONC Sponsor
Zachary May
Project Manager, RI/Pilot Lead
Amanda Nash
Standards/Harmonization Lead
Standards Development Support Team Lead
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