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Data Access for Research-Phase 3 Pilots
DAF is currently interviewing interested pilot sites and reviewing their abilities to meet the minimum set of requirements for Phase 3 pilots. To learn more about DAF pilots, please click here.

SDO Updates
The latest SDO updates and ballot artifacts can be accessed here.

Weekly Meetings

All Hands Community Meeting

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Meeting Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (ET)
Web Meeting: https://siframework2.webex.com/siframework2/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=664507486

Dial In: 1-650-479-3208
Access code: 664 507 486

Phase 3 Reference Documents

DAF Phase 3 Technical Overview
An overview of the PCORnet Abstract Model as well as the Proposed Technical abilities.
Phase 3 Pilot Requirements
Information on the minimum technical requirements an organization must meet for Phase 3 piloting.
DAF/QH/SDC/CQF Comparison Slides
This presentation provides a comparison and contrast of DAF to the previous and current S&I Initiatives: Query Health (QH), Structured Data Capture (SDC), and the Clinical Quality Framework (CQF).


The specific deliverables for the project include:
  • Project Charter (complete)
  • Use Case and Functional Requirements 1 – Local Access via Intra-Organizational Query (complete)
  • Use Case and Functional Requirements 2 – Targeted Access via Inter-Organizational Query (complete)
  • Project proposals to Standards Organizations
    • Identify/modify standards to support Local Access via Intra-Organization query (complete)
    • Identify/modify standards to support Targeted Access via Inter-Organization query between organizations which may be using health information systems from same or multiple vendors (complete)
    • Implementation guides to support the implementation of use cases (complete)
    • Demonstrate implementation of both Use Cases through successful pilots and obtain Pilot Feedback (in progress)

Initiative Contacts

ONC Lead
Farrah Darbouze
Initiative Coordinator
Johnathan Coleman
Project Management
Jamie Parker
Project Management Support
Gayathri Jayawardena
Project Support
Nik Reineke
Project Support
Swapna Bhatia
Technical Support SME
Dragon (Nagesh) Bashyam
Standards SME
Brett Marquard
Standards SME
Ed Larsen
Privacy and Security SME
Glen Marshall
Standards Support
Angelique Cortez

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