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System Requirements Tiger Team

All System Requirements Tiger Team Meetings are complete. There will be no additional System Requirements Tiger Team Meetings

HL7 Balloting

Please see the HL7 Comments Wiki page to review any of the HL7 feedback submitted to HL7 on behalf of the Data Segmentation for Privacy Initiative.

Project Outline

  • Analyze existing system requirements to define data segmentation approach for several user scenarios
    • Identify standard(s) and profiles needed to support data segmentation
    • Develop approach to segment key clinical information based on regulatory requirements outlined in use case, such as by provenance or by condition
    • Use single user story to develop working examples of data segmentation
  • Scope is limited to the system requirements defined in the use case, and may be further constrained to specific scenarios by the tiger team
  • Detailed working examples and guidance on how to segment clinical information among providers of care
    • Expression of how system requirements are necessary for data segmentation
    • Narrative description of potential EHR system requirements
    • Testable criteria for consideration by reference implementation/pilot teams

Meeting Materials and Recordings

Meeting Notes
May 15th
Audit Trigger Metadata Table
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May 8th
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May 1st
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April 24th
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Push Scenario Information Exchange
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April 17th
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Draft Implementation Guidance v5.1
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April 10th
View Materials
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April 4th
View Materials
View Attendance
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March 27th, 2012
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March 20, 2012
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March 13, 2012
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System Requirements 03032012
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Initiative Contacts

Contact Information
Johnathan Coleman
Initiative Coordinator
Julie Chua
ONC Sponsor
Zachary May
Project Manager, RI/Pilot Lead
Amanda Nash
Standards/Harmonization Lead
Standards Development Support Team Lead
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