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Pilots Overview

Data Segmentation Demonstration and Pilot projects will exercise defined aspects of the Implementation Guide in a real-world setting. The real-world pilots evaluate not only the technology and standards, but also provide a test bed to evaluate the interaction of technology, implementation support, and operational infrastructure required to meet Data Segmentation Use Case objectives at the stakeholder or organization levels.

If you are interested in connecting with other potential pilots sites in a cooperative pilot effort please see the Identifying Potential Pilots Partnerships page for other interested parties.

To better understand the role of pilots and the process in which a pilot is launched, implemented, and evaluated, please see the Data Segmentation Pilots process wiki page.

Pilot Success Metrics

Examples: Time and Cost to implement system changes – determine cost/benefits
  • Pilot defined test cases execute successfully
  • Enable appropriate sharing of data that otherwise would not have been shared – define volume of transactions/messages

Pilot Timeline - Phase 1


Pilot Timeline - Phase 2


Initiative Contacts

Contact Information
Johnathan Coleman
Initiative Coordinator
Julie Chua
ONC Sponsor
Zachary May
Project Manager, RI/Pilot Lead
Amanda Nash
Standards/Harmonization Lead
Standards Development Support Team Lead
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