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How to get involved: The Commitment Process

The success of Data Segmentation relies on the participation of a wide range of stakeholders including Health IT vendors, health systems, standards development organizations, patient advocates, and the general public. Any interested party is invited to get involved in Data Segmentation, and can choose to either participate as an Initiative Committed Member, or Other Interested Party if he or she is unable to meet the commitment expectations of a Committed Member. More information as to the roles, expectations, and level of commitment is described briefly below, with further explanation here.

Committed Member
A Committed Member is an organization or individual who has a particular interest in solving the Challenge Statement and reaching the Initiative Goal and commits to actively achieve the deliverables. The nature of the commitment will vary depending on the deliverables, but must be meaningful and relevant. This includes regularly attending workgroup meetings. Some examples of meaningful commitment include, but are not limited to:
  • Testing implementation specifications in the real-world
  • Supporting providers in real-world pilot implementations
  • Writing code for production or test implementations
  • Writing and editing implementation specifications and/or other deliverable documentation
  • Participation in Federal Advisory Committees (FACAs) or their workgroups

Committed organizations or individuals may assign multiple employees to participate in the workgroups or other activities, but will only have one vote in Consensus decisions. When an individual represents an organization, the individual’s vote represents the organization’s vote. Lastly, organizations and individuals should not create “pseudo-organizations” to gain multiple votes in the Consensus Process.

Other Interested Party
If you are unable to join as a fully committed participant or an invited expert, you may also join as an Other Interested Party. As an “Other Interested Party” you are invited to participate in discussions and can provide comments and feedback by joining the Wiki. However, only Committed Members have voting rights.