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  • An updated, final version 1.0.3 of the Implementation Guidance is available here on the IG Consensus Page. Updated: 2012-08-27

Recurring Meetings

Tiger Team
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Consent Management Transactions

Tiger Team Work now completed! To review the work done by the CMT Tiger Team please see the CMT Wiki Page
Data Segmentation for Privacy Consensus

Information Interchange

Tiger Team work completed! To review the work done by the II Tiger Team please see the II Wiki Page
Data Segmentation for Privacy Consensus

System Requirements

Tiger Team work completed! To review the work done by the SR Tiger Team please see the SR Wiki Page

Data Set Mapping

Download and view the proposed data set mapping. Please review the mappings and any of the comments made in order to finalize the data set mapping. It is critical we finalize this list as it feeds into the Reference Implementation Guide.


On this wiki page we will document the various emerging and candidate standards that could potentially be used in formulating a solution to the requirements outlined in the Data Segmentation Use Case

The following is an initial list of suggested candidate Standards formulated by the S&I Framework Harmonization Support Team. We will explore and document these standards as part of the Data Segmentation Initiative process. Specifically we will focus on how these standards apply to the Data Segmentation Use Case. For more information on the purpose of this part of the initiative please review the Standards and Harmonization Kick-off presentation:

Please also reference:

Evaluation Criteria

As we begin evaluating standards against the Data Segmentation Use Case we will follow this process:

Reviewing the Standards

To find more detail and documentation on the candidate standards please select the candidate standards link:

Updating the Standards Crosswalk Analysis Document

The spreadsheet below captures the applicable content and transport standards. The Standards Crosswalk Analysis maps the Data Segmentation Requirements Index.docx to standards. To contribute/edit the Candidate Standards Spreadsheet below
  • First, please read the Document Update Process.pdf
  • If updating the Google Document, verify that you are logged in to the Wiki
  • Select EDIT
  • Once you are finished editing close the spreadsheet
  • Navigate back to the Standards page
  • Refresh the Standards page to see your edits

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DS4P Standards Crosswalk Analysis

Initiative Contacts

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Johnathan Coleman
Initiative Coordinator
Julie Chua
ONC Sponsor
Zachary May
Project Manager, RI/Pilot Lead
Amanda Nash
Standards/Harmonization Lead
Standards Development Support Team Lead
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