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The EU-US Interoperability Work Group is now Closed. However, we will continue to keep important resources available for you to use and distribute!

The White Paper (as approved by the EU-US Interoperability community) and final votes can be found below.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Working to accelerate and advance the progress of eHealth/health IT interoperability standards and interoperability implementation specifications for the unambiguous semantic interpretation of clinical data that meet high standards for security and privacy protection and fidelity (faithful to the source) for the international community and for the enhanced care quality and safety of the patient.
  • Working toward shared objective to support an innovative collaborative community of public- and private-sector entities, including suppliers of eHealth solutions, working toward the shared objective of developing, deploying, and using eHealth science and technology to empower individuals, support care, improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient safety and improve the health of populations.


  • To have international interoperability of information must include:
    • semantic interoperability;
      • including “levels” of achievement
    • syntactic interoperability; and
    • patient mediated data exchange (including privacy and security issues surrounding exchange of health data).

  • Three keys of the technical work stream are to:
    • identify a subset of commonly used vocabularies and terminologies that can serve as the basis of an internationally recognized subset to support semantic interoperability (shared meaning);
    • harmonize the formats (or structures) for how information is structured to support syntactic interoperability;
    • support the use of Patient Mediated Data; and
    • identify a working group and to begin defining pilot projects.

White Paper End to End Review

Reference Materials

Reference Description
Reference Source
Final Use Case Document

epSOS/C-CDA Comparative Analysis
Scenario Matrix

Suggestions for a Web Based Universal Exchange and Inference Language for Medicine

Report to the President Realizing the Full Potential of HIT to Improve Healthcare for Americans: The Path Forward

Meaningful Use 2 Exchange Interoperable Safe or Not

United States Meaningful Use
Antilope and the European Innovation Partnership Action Group: Aligning our use cases
CAMEI: Fostering IT skills for healthcare workforce in the EU and US

epSOS Deliverables
epSOS Open eHealth initiative for a European large scale pilot of patient summary and electronic prescription. Final definition of functional service requirements- Patient Summary

epSOS Open eHealth initiative for a European large scale pilot of
patient summary and electronic prescription. Final definition of functional service requirements – ePrescription

epSOS Open eHealth initiative for a European large scale pilot of patient summary and electronic prescription. EED SERVICES including use cases for all services. Use-cases description

Guidelines on minimum/nonexhaustive patient summary dataset for electronic exchange in accordance with the cross-border directive 2011/24/EU
Trillium Bridge Presentation

Work Group Members

To view biographies of our current work group members, please open this Word document

We are creating a repository of biographies of our work group members. Please submit a brief biography of yourself (150 words or less) that outlines your:
  • current professional responsibilities;
  • most recent projects in relation to the EU-US work stream and/or interest to work with the EU-US initiative;
  • areas of interest and/or expertise;
  • any relevant credentials and/or professional appointments; and
  • a photo (optional).

Please e-mail your bio and photo (optional) to Gayathri Jayawardena at gayathri.jayawardena@esacinc.com

Parking Lot Items

These are items that we recognize will need further discussion as time and resources permit


Create initial set of use cases, based on community and stakeholder input

Compare the data/document structures used in the US and EU by comparing the consolidated CDA (C-CDA) and the exchange standards used in epSOS

Compare US and EU vocabularies, terminologies and clinical models relevant to selected use cases to identify areas of overlap and commonality

Create best-effort Template and Terminology Mappings for selected use cases based on an agreed methodology

Create strategy briefs on long term adoption and sustainability of EU/US health record exchange focusing on 7 areas: cross-vendor integration; education; security and privacy; incentives; standardization; innovation; research

Identify available resources and opportunities for aligning them (technology and standards to support ongoing collaboration with vocabularies, modeling, and interoperability)

Create a common interoperability testing strategy including testing plan and tools

Agree on specifications, standards, architecture, tests for the validation pilot

Validate selected use cases in the transatlantic setting

Release feasibility analysis document for EU/US health record exchange

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