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What is the S&I Framework?

The S&I Framework is a collaborative community of participants from the public and private sectors who are focused on providing the tools, services and guidance to facilitate the functional exchange of health information. The S&I Framework uses a set of integrated functions, processes, and tools that enable execution of specific value-creating initiatives. Each S&I Initiative tackles a critical interoperability challenge through a rigorous process that typically includes:
  • Development of clinically-oriented user stories and robust use cases
  • Harmonization of interoperability specifications and implementation guidance
  • Provision of real-world experience and implementer support through new initiatives, workgroups and pilot projects
  • Mechanisms for feedback and testing of implementations, often in conjunction with ONC partners such as NIST

S&I Framework Stakeholders

To succeed, the S&I Framework works with a set of motivated organizations and individuals who share the mission and goals of care delivery transformation through improved interoperability. This is an Open Government initiative, and we need your participation and engagement to succeed. Get started.

What are S&I Framework Initiatives?

An S&I Initiative focuses on a single challenge with a set of value-creating goals and outcomes that will enhance efficiency, quality and effectiveness of the delivery of healthcare, through the development of content, technical specifications and reusable tools and services.

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S&I Framework Functions

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