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Thank you to everyone who attended the Closing Ceremony on September 29, 2014 and a special thanks to the entire community for their continuous support and commitment to the LCC Initiative over the past 3 years. The LCC Community made significant strides in helping to identify standards to support the exchange of heath care data across the health care continuum. We appreciate your dedication, tenacity and support. A huge round of applause to all of you from the S&I Framework LCC Leads and Support Team--we would not have accomplished so much without you all!

Download the Closing Ceremony presentation: LCC Closing Ceremony Presentation Materials

View the Closing Ceremony recording: View on Vimeo

If you would like to follow the progress of work done by LCC, you are more than welcome to participate in the following HL7 Workgroups, to which all LCC work has been transitioned:
  • Structured Documents WG
    • Responsible for C-CDA Standard Revisions
    • Meets every Thursday from 10 to 12pm ET
    • HL7 Structured Documents Wiki Reference the "Upcoming Calls" section for web meeting and dial-in information

  • Patient Care WG
    • Responsible for Care Plan, Care Coordination and Health Concern Topic
    • Care Plan Project meets every other Weds from 4 to 5:30pm ET
    • Health Concern Topic meets every other Thursday from 4 to 5pm ET
    • HL7 Patient Care Wiki Reference the "Upcoming Calls" section for web meeting and dial-in information

Implementation Resources

IG Artifact
Date Uploaded
LCC Candidate Standards 2012-04-12
LCC Candidate Standards List
LCC Candidate Standards 2012-07-10
LCC Candidate Standards List
IMPACT Project High Level Implementation Guide
SEE Transitions of Care IG
January 2013
LCC Use Case 2.0 Functional Requirements
Care Plan Exchange Use Case functional requirements
May 2013
Introductory Materials
C-CDA R2 Introductory Materials
August 2013
Templates and Supporting Documents
Pre-balloted C-CDA R2 Implementation Guide
Aug 2013
Assessment Summary Document and Questionnaire Assessment Implementation Guide
Balloted by LTPAC
December 2012

Initiative Artifacts

Completion Date
Consolidated CDA Implementation Guide
C-CDA R1 Implementation Guide
C-CDA R2 Implementation Guide
C-CDA R2 Templates for Clinical Notes DSTU R2 Implementation Guide
September 2013
Care Plan White Paper
Meaningful Use Requirements for Transitions of Care and Medically Complex and/or Functionally Impaired Persons White Paper
Care Plan Glossary
List of terminology and definitions used in Care Plan documentation
December 2012

Reference Materials

From the LCC Reference Materials page, you can access standards and specification documentation, third party resources, and other documentation referenced throughout all phases of the LCC initiative.

Past Meeting Artifacts

From the LCC Past Meeting Artifacts page, you can access presentation materials, meeting notes and meeting recordings.

For meetings held prior to 2014, please go to the LCC Meeting Artifacts Archive to view and download materials.

Initiative Overview

This section contains links to materials describing the Longitudinal Coordination of Care initiative, including the scope statement, challenges and risks, value statement, stakeholders, relevant standards, timelines and deliverables.

LCC Workgroups

The links below contain information regarding each of the LCC workgroups and materials generated throughout each phase of the initiative, including pre-discovery, discovery, implementation, pilots and evaluation.

Initiative Contacts

Initiative Coordinator
Evelyn Gallego
ONC Leadership
Jennie Harvell
HL7 Coordination Leadership
Dr. Russell Leftwich
Initiative Lead
Dr. Larry Garber
Initiative Lead
Dr. Terry O’Malley
Initiative Lead
Dr. Bill Russell
Initiative Lead
Sue Mitchell
Project Manager
Becky Angeles
Use Cases Lead
Becky Angeles
Pilots Lead
Lynette Elliott