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Query Health Standards

Query Health Clinical Element Data Dictionary (CEDD)

The Query Health CEDD is intended to serve as a "view" of the clinical data that is needed to support a distributed query. In this way, it is not intended to be a new clinical information model, but a representative clinical view of the data needed to support various queries as defined in the Query Health Expanded Analysis user story and Query Health Generic Use Case.

Query Health - Query Format Specification based on HQMF

This Query Health - Query Format page facilitates discussions of the Query Format specification for interoperable distributed queries.
The HQMF Implementation Guide for Query Health is accessible at HQMF NEXT Implementation Guidance v0.5.docx

Query Health - Query Envelope

The Query Envelope specification describes how to package queries and results and exchange them securely between Information Requesters and Responding Organization

Query Health - Results Format Specification based on QRDA.

The Query Health - Results Format page will facilitate the discussion of Query Health Results Formats and changes required to the existing standard.
The QRDA Implementation Guide for Query Health is accessible at QueryHealth QRDA IG 02052012

Sample Queries

Diabetes: HbA1c Poor Control Quality Measure:

An authorized Information Requestor, the query source, publishes a query for the percentage of patients 18-75 years of age with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) who had HbA1c > 9.0%.
Information Provider: "Organization A" receives the request from the requester. The Provider/Provider organization extracts the data for each result type requested in the query. (click to enlarge)

The final Result Set from the Provider/Provider Organizations (data source) is sent back to the Information Requestor. (click to enlarge)

Sample DUA Template