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As an Open Government Initiative of the S&I Framework, the success of the Query Health Initiative relies on the participation of a wide range of stakeholders including Health IT vendors, health systems, standards development organizations, and the general public. In order to ensure the most qualified community participants are engaged, three distinct Workgroups (WGs) will be created to cover operational, clinical, and technical implementation issues (description below). You can sign up through the Query Health Registration page.

Query Health Workgroups
The Operations Work Group is responsible for privacy, security, consent, sustainability, data use arrangements and Query Health best practices.
The clinical work group is responsible for developing the Use Case, Functional Requirements and selecting the standards for the Clinical Information Model (CIM), query syntax and results expression. The Clinical working group will assess the applicability of the User Stories to available computable standardized data from certified EHRs and other standards-based health information sources, ultimately leading to refined definition of the pilot projects and reference implementation for the initiative.
This work group will be responsible for the technical implementation of Query Health including the standards and reference implementation. This group will also be responsible for support for the pilots..