• The CEDD WG meetings have been put on hold, pending feedback from S&I Framework leadership on our deliverables. Stay tuned for more details!

Main Priorities for this Month

S&I Framework CEDD & Role of S&I CEDD Workgroup

The S&I Framework Clinical Element Data Dictionary (CEDD) is a repository of clinically-relevant data elements and their corresponding definitions. The S&I Framework CEDD is intended to capture the unambiguously-defined data elements identified and reused by the initiatives. The document provides a single go-to resource for the context and definition of all data elements supporting S&I initiative use cases and S&I Framework technical specifications, content, tools, or services. The S&I Framework Cross-Initiative CEDD WG was created to manage recommended additions and enhancements (e.g. new CEDD data elements, edits to existing CEDD data elements) to the S&I CEDD submitted by the S&I Framework initiatives. Work on the S&I CEDD is guided by practicing clinicians and other implementers who are interested in creating a simple, easy to understand data model for functional stakeholders to use. For a more detailed overview of the S&I Framework CEDD, review the S&I Framework CEDD Overview page.

Introduction to the S&I Framework CEDD

S&I Framework CEDD Overview
This wiki page is designed to educate new and current stakeholders within the S&I Framework on the purpose and overview of the S&I Framework Clinical Element Data Dictionary (CEDD). This page is recommended for all first-time participants in the S&I CEDD Workgroup, and for those interested in learning more about the S&I CEDD efforts and how they align with existing standards development and information modeling work.
S&I Framework CEDD Documentation and Tools
This wiki page is the authoritative source for the S&I Framework CEDD documentation and models. It includes the S&I Framework CEDD documentation, as well as access to S&I CEDD tools and templates. Supporting model formats include ERD and UML model formats using open source and commercial toolsets.
Reference Materials
This wiki page can be used to access S&I initiative CEDD documents. Current initiative CEDD efforts include Transitions of Care, Provider Directory and Query Health. You can also access the S&I Framework CEDD Value Set Index and S&I Framework CEDD Information Model Mapping Worksheet.

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