1.0 Standards and Interoperability (S&I) Framework Background

The Standards and Interoperability (S&I) Framework is an open and transparent forum sponsored by the Office of Standards & Interoperability (OSI) to fulfill its charge of enabling harmonized specifications in support of national healthcare priorities. These efforts are carried out in the form of targeted Initiatives based on the healthcare priorities set forth by OSI to achieve lasting results and delivery improvements.
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2.0 Community Enabling Toolkit (CET)

2.1 Purpose

One of the S&I Framework’s missions is to create a collaborative, coordinated, incremental standards process that is led by the industry in solving real world problems. Due to the nature of participant-driven initiatives and workgroups, it is critical that participants have access to information regarding tested and proven methodologies and best practices, in order to understand and carry out the S&I Framework processes. The Community Enabling Toolkit (CET) is the centralized guide for S&I Framework members to reference while tackling new and existing health IT interoperability challenges. Some specific goals of the document are to:
  • Allow for sustainability of the S&I Framework processes
  • Outline “behind the scenes” support functions
  • Demonstrate reusability of content
  • Highlight best practices
  • Provide end-to-end process and tools

The CET is intended to satisfy the curiosity of how the S&I Framework operates; however, it is not meant to be a textbook for all Health IT initiatives looking to produce similar artifacts.

2.2 Audience

The primary audience of the CET is S&I Framework community participants who are engaged in ongoing initiatives, aspiring to take on leadership roles, or curious to learn more about the S&I processes and best practices. It also is relevant to those who are looking to solve other healthcare interoperability challenges in the form of Community-Led Initiatives.

If you are new to the S&I Framework, we invite you to join the wiki and register for our Initiatives.

2.3 Benefits

The Community Enabling Toolkit is beneficial to the S&I Framework community as a single starting point for kicking off a new initiative. It is also a reliable resource for moving initiatives through the S&I lifecycle as the content has been tested and refined based on lessons learned.

3.0 Information Included


The set of functions, illustrated above, enable the successful launch and completion of selected initiatives across the development life cycle. Through the use of the CET, one should be able to complete activities within each of these functions in order to carry an initiative through the end to end S&I Process. The various subject areas are listed in the table below along with some high level information, to inform any interested parties of what may be accomplished as part of each function.

Subject Areas
Information Included
  • What are S&I Framework Initiatives?
  • Initiative Terms and Definitions
  • Key Processes and Guidelines
  • S&I Initiative Phases
  • Summary of S&I Initiative Outputs by Phases
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the S&I Framework Processes and Guidelines, including Community-Led Initiatives
  • Key Links, Resources and Templates

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