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Line Items for SDC to resolve

High Priority
9422 Need support for mapping questionnaires to complex data elements
9424 Should DataElement.element.definition be made 0..1 instead of 1..1?
9429 Need to define what it means to "populate" an "empty" questionnaire
9430 Which Questionnaire extensions should be part of core
9432 Need to make groups and questions "conditionally required"
9435 Need a way to capture the "computable" units for a decimal question
9436 Add ordinal and maybe other extensions for "option"
9438 Support Questionnaire.options that aren’t codes
9439 Need to be able to link Questionnaire to protocol
9440 How do we handle “complex” enableWhen conditions?

Medium Prioirty
9442 How do we query other elements by the data elements they reference? Where/when is this needed?

Low Priority
9423 Need support for calculated question answers

9434 Add a code for "source" as a type of display text
9437 Test scripts should include AuditEvent

Line Items assigned directly to work groups to resolve (Patient Care and Vocabulary)

9425 When asserting a mapping, need to be able to assert a concept map for the resulting code9426 Should Questionnaire have a cononical URL like other infrastructure resources9427 Line breaks aren't showing up in documentation for $populate operation9428 Ensure OperationOutcomes can come back along with QuestionnaireResponse when invoking $populate9431 How is ConceptMap used to map to DataElements and CDA

Initiative Contacts

Initiative Coordinator
Ed Hammond
ONC Lead
Farrah Darbouze
Project Manager
Jenny Brush
PM Support
Lauren Caruso
Harmonization and Standards Development Support
Perri Smith
Technical Lead and Standards Development Support
Vijay Shah
NLM Teaming Partner
Lisa Lang
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