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October 2014

Our Purpose

  • In order to meet the needs of the S&I Framework Use Cases and increased use of HIT, there will be a need to modify or extend the existing standards or develop new standards. The S&I Framework will work with standards development organizations and with research organizations to extend existing standards, or develop new ones as necessary, through the Standards Development Support function.
  • The Standards Development Support approach engages standards organizations throughout, integrates with the existing S&I Framework phases, and follows an open and iterative plan for defining the required standard modifications.
  • Standards Development Support works to convene with the Standards Development Organizations (SDOs), Standards Settings Organizations (SSOs), and other associated standards organizations, in identification, analysis, and, as necessary, modification of existing standards to support the Use Cases and core functional Requirements defined by the community for each S&I Framework Initiative.
  • The team includes representatives with organizations such as; AHIMA, Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, and Kaiser Permanente.

Teaming Concept Diagram

  • The diagram below depicts the inter-relationships of the S&I Framework functions, from a teaming perspective. The Standards Development Support output is developed based on the results of harmonization of standards across all steps in the S&I Framework, in parallel with the development of the implementation specifications.

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Engagement of Domain Owners

  • The Standards Development Support team engages the relevant domain owners for a given applicable standard update--which may come out of any phase of the S&I Framework--even as the initiatives progress "downstream."


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Standards Organizations Resource

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Initiative Updates

Relevant Documents
Document Description
Transitions of Care

Tracking Pilot activity & supporting C-CDA discussions with HL7
Laboratory Results Interface

Standards Landscape:
Standard, Terminology, Codeset (SDO):
LOINC (Regenstrief Institute); v2 Messaging (HL7); UCUM (Regenstrief Institute); OID (HL7); SNOMED CT (ITHSDO)

Supporting ballot process
Provider Directories

PD Standards Matrix
Query Health

QH Standards Matrix (Summer Concert Series)

QH Standards Matrix (Pre-Discovery)

Technical WG Concept Mapping
Data Segmentation for Privacy

Supporting evaluation of standards

Data Segmentation for Privacy Standards Matrix (Pre-Discovery)

Gathering input from relevant SDOs

Candidate Standards

Version 3 was reviewed by the community on 2/17 & subsequently updated with feedback received by the community to result in version 5
Longitudinal Coordination of Care

Candidate Standards
Laboratory Orders Interface
LOI Candidate Standards.xlsx
Candidate Standards
Structured Data Capture

Candidate Standards

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Support Team

Angelique Cortez
Standards Development Support
Swapna Bhatia
Project Support

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