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Meeting Artifacts includes all of the initiative's meeting materials, such as agendas, meeting notes, recordings, presentations, etc

Meeting Overview (at-a-glance)

eDoC Harmonization
eDoC Workgroup
CDP1 IG Ballot Reconciliation
Pilots Workgroup
Weekly Meeting
Wed. 10am-11am ET
Wed. 1pm-3pm ET
Fri. 2pm-3pm ET
Thur. 4pm-5pm ET
Webex URL
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Dial-in Information
Access Code
662 097 327
662 612 104
661 665 716
669 616 911
HL7 CDP1 IG Community Meeting
The community meetings for the HL7 Complete Documents for Payers Set 1 will be held every Friday at 2PM ET.

esMD Pilots
Information on esMD Pilots is now available here: esMD Pilots.
To register as a pilot for esMD, please visit: esMD Pilots Registration Page.
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EMDI Leads and Support

Contact Information
Bob Dieterle
HL7 Standards and Specifications Lead
Melanie Edwards
CMS Lead/Co-Workgroup Lead
Shailesh Patel
Project Manager
Pallavi Talekar
Pilot Lead
Ray Wilkerson
Project Support
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